Florida Gorgonian Black Coral must be harvested by nature and legally collected at South Florida beaches. The coral branches for this necklace were individually and uniquely selected, cut, and processed for this design. Included are 6 coral branches individually designed and created by Artist with bronze to resemble natural coral. They are set with bronze beads and freshwater pearls. Focal front bib is 5 inches wide. You may select either back bronze neck wire or bronze chain. Bronze neck wire is individually made by Artist to closely approximate your length request (below).

Full necklace with bronze neck wire or bronze chain: Select 16, 18, 20, or 22 inches.

* Note: Once properly processed, the shiny black color is natural. Yet, black coral isn’t pure black. When held up to a light it may appear brownish red.

** Note: I celebrate the unique life stories of these sea animals, leaving the branches in their natural color. I do not paint my work, and touch up as little as possible. Small spots add authenticity and lovely patterns to the design.

*** Note: Major bronze components in front focal are anti-tarnish protected to maintain their shine. Other bronze components can be shined with a special sponge and care taking recommendations provided.

Black Coral Gorgonian Bib Necklace

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