Unique necklace created with rare fossil Agatized Red Horn Coral, fine silver beads created by Hills Tribes, and back sterling silver chain with S-clasp.

Length: 21 inches. S-clasp allows shortening flexibility. Yet, lengthening is not available. Buyer can elongate with extender, bracelet, or fancy thin ribbon.


Agatized Red Horn Coral fossil is only found in Utah, Rileys Canyon. It is rare and not actively mined anymore so there isn't much of it remaining. Horn corals were abundant during (+/-) 340 million years ago when Utah was almost completely covered by a shallow sea. Horn corals are an extinct order of coral known as Rugosa. The ancient coral reefs now lay thousands of feet up in the mountains of Utah.


Various Hill Tribes live in the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos, and Burma (Myanmar) come together; some approachable only on foot through mud roads. They have a difficult existence, growing rice and wrestling their needs from the wilderness. Skilled in metal smithing,  respected for their expert craftsmanship in fine silver and other metals. The silver they use is soft .999 pure silver, not .925 sterling silver we are accustomed to. No two pieces are alike.

Agatized Red Horn Coral

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