This design received a 2016 Lewental Award at The Art School of the Boca Raton Museum of Art.


Gradated five-piece bronze focal individually designed and hand-created by Artist. Drifting leaves are stamped onto the metal and colored through torch heat anodizing with resulting tone variations and hues. The oval beads are rare and beautiful Australian Fossil Peanut Wood. Back bronze chain with S-clasp.


Peanut wood is an unusual gem material from Australia that has nothing to do with "peanuts." It is a fossil gem with a very unusual history; a variety of petrified driftwood that is usually dark brown to black in color. It is recognized by its white-to-cream-color markings, ovoid in shape and about the size of a peanut. It received its name from these peanut-size markings.


Length: Currently 19 inches. You may select 20 or 22 inches. Shortening the necklace to less than 19 inches will required Custom Order removal of some beads. Custom Orders cannot be cancelled, returned, and/or refunded.

* Note: Bronze focals are anti-tarnish protected to maintain thei shine. Other bronze components can be shined with special sponge and care taking recommendations provided.

Petrified Peanut Wood & Bronze Leaves

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